A Movie Moved Me

A Movie Moved Me

Have you ever seen a movie, or had a conversation with someone, or heard of something that touched you unexpectedly? Something that moved you, made you feel grateful and adjusted your perspective? Or at least, something that reminded you that although life is not perfect, there are still good things in it?

Last Sunday, I was browsing on Netflix and came across a movie I’d never heard of. I tried to let it go, thinking that I wanted to watch a silly Rom Com but my fingers insisted on this other movie.

This movie was called “The Swimmers”. It was the true story of Yusra & Sara Mardini, 2 teenage Syrian girls who were training for the Olympics in swimming.  Since Syria was at war and therefore unsafe, the girls escaped their country, hoping to become refugees and be able to bring the rest of their family across later on.

I was so moved by the hardship those poor people go through just for the possibility of living a safe life.  I was so impressed by the courage needed to go through what these people go through, weather it’s living in a war-torn country or deciding to make a run for a chance at a better future.

I was reminded of the way perfect strangers become a team and help each other through hardship.

This movie was also about the determination of a young girl to not let circumstances get in the way of her dream to become an Olympian.

I found her determination extremely inspiring.  How many of us give up when circumstances feel too challenging? It is so easy to let go of a dream while facing adversity. While we each have different capacities for overcoming challenges, many give up quite easily.  To see someone escaping a country at war, becoming a refugee, and not taking “no” for an answer in order to achieve a dream, to me, that is very impressive.

“The Swimmers” made me think of the poor people of Ukraine and other war-torn countries.  What they go through every day, the courage it takes to keep going. So many broken dreams, so much suffering, so much loss…

It then brought my thinking back home.  It has been such a challenging 3 years!  Bush fires, flood, mice plague, Covid…  And the loss of so many loved ones!

But at least, there are no bombs falling on our heads!

Does the lack of bombs make it easier to go through challenges?  Probably. 

Is life easier here? Maybe. 

Does it mean that our challenges are less heavy?  Absolutely not.

We all go through challenges and experience suffering regardless of the circumstances.  Our pain is real and cannot or should not be ignored or belittled.

This movie did remind me that, although we all go through many challenges in life, when I stop to think about it, I have many things to be grateful for…

        • I am grateful for my children
        • For their health
        • For my parents and my sisters
        • My entire family
        • My friends
        • My dog
        • My home
        • My own health
        • My country is not at war
        • I always have food on the table
        • The birds signing outside my home
        • And so much more…

Although we all have it in us to be a bad person, to create havoc, to hurt others, and the evidence of this is so easy to find, I believe that Human beings are mostly amazing.

Life is hard, but we can all be so strong, so resilient, so determined, so courageous, so kind, so helpful, so loving.  I choose to focus on those qualities and let the human race inspire me. That is something I am truly grateful for.

I’ve always loved a good movie. If you enjoy them as well, “The Swimmers” is truly worth the watch…

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