Midset Reset

Mindset Reset

Change of any type can be overwhelming and challenging. Life has a way of testing our resolve. But we honestly do not have to go through all this alone!

With her compassionate support and effective coaching techniques, Anick will help you navigate through challenges, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop a mindset that empowers you to create the life you desire. She will work with you to improve the quality of your life, both mentally and physically, and help you develop the tools and strategies necessary to achieve your goals.

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Tai Chi

There is much more to Tai Chi than one can see, and virtually no one can describe such a complex art in one simple sentence. Yes, it is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to practice. It can be a meditation and an integral exercise for all parts of the body and the mind. It brings tranquillity and helps you think more clearly. Tai Chi can be many things for different people; regular practice will bring better health and wellness.


The human body is an amazing machine capable of much more than our society gives it credit for.
This gentle but powerful Qigong program will guide you to access the healing power we all possess.

 Weather you have an emotional or physical condition or simply wish to maintain your health

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